Shinobi Clan - Toku

Hailing from the village of the Hidden Mists, this clan is known for it’s strong and unflinching warriors. Few from this clan specialize in the more chakra-based jutsus, so the clan spends more of it’s focus on training members to combat ninjas and thieves through brute force and skill at arms.

Size: Medium (humanoid)
Base Speed: Standard
Languages: Standard
Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Consitution, -2 Intelligence

Defensive Training, Lesser – +4 Dodge bonus against humanoids
Quick Reactions: (does what, exactly?)
Natural Armor (how much?)

Ninjitsu –
Breath Weapon – Air (lightning?) (Cone)
Windy Escape Spell-like ability

Shinobi Clan - Toku

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