Shinobi Clan - Sureimeiji

The mage-slayer clan.

This clan focuses all their efforts on combating those who rely on jutsu, believing that mastery of the self is vastly superior to relying on arcane energies.

Though the clan does produce some priests and other divine casters, these roles are often secondary to or in support of the martial caste of the clan.

Focusing so sorely on their efforts to bring down arcane opponents, however, does not come without it’s costs.

Each member of the clan focuses on the utilisation of their own elemental affinity to the exclusion of all others, often leaving them especially vulnerable to the elemental superior. They also suffer somewhat in more scholastic pursuits, as they spend almost all available time practicing their martial efforts.

It’s through this dedication that they develop their ingrained abilities to shrug off jutsu attacks by their opponents, and the most powerful of them are known to simply laugh as their enemies arcane energies wash over them like water off a duck’s feathers. Some even learn how to focus their chakra against the energies of their opponents, disrupting the other’s jutsus even as they take effect in the world.

Human (0 RP)

Stats (-1 RP)
+ 2 to one physical ability score
+ 2 to one mental ability score
- 4 to one other ability score

Defensive Training, lesser (human) (1RP)
+ 4 dodge bonus to AC against human opponents

Spell Resistance, Greater (3 RP)
11 + HD

At Will Spell-like Ability – (6 RP)
Dispel Magic (Caster level = HD)

Elemental Vulnerability (-2 RP)
Vulnerable (+ 50% damage from elemental attacks) to whatever element opposes the character’s chosen affinity.

Special – Cannot take levels in an arcane spell-casting class

Shinobi Clan - Sureimeiji

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