Shinobi Clan - Kage Majo

Kage Majo (Shadow Witch) specialize in mobility to overcome obstacles, as well as direct combat favoring melee and direct target jitsus to achieve their objectives.

Hailing from the mountainous regions, these ninjas are adept at not only moving silently in a variety of terrain, but also in navigating sharp slopes, narrow passes and dangerous drops with ease.

Stats (with Racial Points):

Human (0 RP)

Medium Size (0 RP)

Normal Speed (0 RP)

Stats: Standard (0 RP) – +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Char
Members of this clan focus on improving their skills through rigorous training and study, but the clan overall has avoided outside influence for a long time. Non-members of the clan are viewed with extreme distrust bordering on paranoia. The clan elders teach young members early that trust is a precious commodity, and trusting anyone outside the clan will likely result in betrayal of not only the individual, but of the clan as a whole. They tend to be very reserved and avoid gatherings and open social situations where possible. Their training within the clan focuses on agility and speed, specializing in ingress/egress through unconventional means to achieve their missions.

Languages: Standard (0 RP)

Quick Reactions: (2 RP) – Gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat
Members of this clan train almost constantly from birth. If they aren’t learning movement and combat, they’re studying. The is focus on perfecting their talents combined with their intense distrust of outsiders makes them quick to react to almost any situation. They tend to seem “jumpy” to outsiders.


Spell Resistance, Greater (3 RP) SR 11 + Character Level
Combat training in this clan focuses on not only mobility, but also on arcana. Members of this clan are trained to resist the magical attacks of their foes.

Natural Armor (2 RP) +1 Natural armor bonus
One of the side benefits of the near-constant combat training is that the skin of members of this clan grows thick and touch. Members of this clan also learn how to “roll with the punches”, lessening the chances of their opponents landing a telling blow.


Jumper (2 RP) – Always considered to have a running start for Jump checks
Mobility plays a major role in this clan’s training. Specializing in ingress/egress, clan members learn to jump and tumble from a very early age.

Fast (1 RP) – +10 Base speed
Members of this clan are always running. In their efforts to increase their mobility, clan members strive constantly to increase their natural speed. To this end, they run almost everywhere they go. Starting early grants them a longer stride and greater endurance as they grow older.

Shinobi Clan - Kage Majo

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