Edo Tensei simple template

Edo Tensei (simple template)

Type changes to Undead

Gains regeneration equal to HD as a swift action

can be controlled by the caster as though using the Diplomacy skill

Gains Undead traits with the following exceptions -

Does not gain Darkvision as a racial ability Is not immune to stunning effects Are subject to chakra draining attacks, but not other energy drains Are not healed by negative/yang energy

Are considered both their own alignment as well as the caster’s for purposes
of effects that rely on alignment

Are subject to mind-affecting effects, but use the controller’s Will
save bonus instead of their own

Can be turned or commanded by other divine casters, but use the
controller’s Will save in place of their own.

Do not possess a Constitution score. Recalculate Vitality, Wound,
“Death’s Door” and Fort saves based on subject’s Charisma score and modifier.

Does not gain DR typical to undead

Edo Tensei are disabled at 0 wound, at which time all swift actions
in a round are used for regeneration until the edo tensei returns to
positive hit points.

Edo Tensei simple template

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