Watashi-Ni-no-Jutsu (player summons)

Jutsu Level: Varies, see description
School: Conjuration (teleportation)
Element: Air?

Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V/S/M

Range: Unlimited
Target: One person, known and friendly to the caster
Duration: Varies
Saving Throw: None (Will negates)
Spell Resistance: N/A

This spell allows the caster to bring to their location any person who has agreed to assist them. In preparation of using this spell, the subject gives the caster a note with their name, written in their own hand, for the express purpose of use in this spell. This essentially creates a “calling card”, which is the material component of the spell.

The summoned ally will remain until such a time as whatever danger the caster is in has passed, or whatever task they were summoned to help with is completed. At that time, the subject may opt to remain with the caster, or can be returned to their previous location.

The spell level of this Jutsu is equal to the level of the subject called divided by 3. This can be circumvented by more powerful chakra users by using the “calling card” route and infusing part of their chakra into the card.

Watashi-Ni-no-Jutsu (player summons)

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