Senbon Umbrella

Weapon Proficiency – Exotic

Modification of a needle dart trap, this umbrella is spring loaded with hundreds of senbon needles. When triggered (which can be set with a short delay for throwing at double the cost), the umbrella unfurls, hurling the senbon needles in all directions around the user. Any creature within 20 ft of the wielder must make a DC XX Ref save or take 1d6 points of damage from the needles.

Base cost: 2 gp. Reloading this umbrella costs 1 gp and requires hours of work.

For purposes of spells that affect ammunition, weapons or containers, the umbrella counts as all three. So a spell like Abundant Ammunition or Magic Weapon could be placed on this.

Masterwork variant of the umbrella would allow for greater ease in reloading, but the +1 bonus on attack rolls would not apply, making such an expenditure ill advised.

Senbon Umbrella

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