Hakai-Maku-no-Jutsu (exploding Arcane Mark)

Jutsu Level: 3
School: Abjuration (Force)
Element: Fire

Casting Time: Standard Action
Components: S

Range: Touch, or one object
Target: Object or subject touched
Duration: Until discharged by caster
Saving Throw: None or Ref half
Spell Resistance: Yes or N/A

By inscribing a special mark infused with their chakra, the caster can set a trap for any unsuspecting passerby or, providing enough skill, even place such a mark directly on an opponent in battle.

At any time after the mark is inscribed, the caster need merely concentrate for a moment (a swift action) to cause the mark to detonate.

If inscribed directly on a target, the victim recieves no save to lessen the effect of the explosion, but the caster must overcome the target’s spell resistance (if any) to inscribe the mark in the first place.

A more powerful version of this spell exists (6th level Jutsu), which allows the caster to inscribe multiple marks.

Other than the ability to inscribe multiple marks at higher levels, this spell functions similarly to a charged touch spell without the caveat that the caster can’t touch anything without discharging the spell.

The third level version allows for only one mark at a time. Inscribing a second renders the first inert.

Hakai-Maku-no-Jutsu (exploding Arcane Mark)

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