Naruto: Pure Pathfinder!

Welcome to Naruto Pathfinder Edition!
My Narutoverse!

Greetings shinobi lovers and welcome to my version of the Narutoverse!

This campaign, or collection of campaigns, takes place 40 years after the end of the fourth ninja war. All of the events up to the current manga chapter have occurred accurately and completely. That being said, I took certain liberties with what would happen after the war was over, and the end of the war itself.

These liberties are as follows:
1. Naruto defeated Madara and was able to separate the 10 tails into 10 new bijuu. These will be outlined very soon.
2. The allied shinobi nations remain as a specialized council and village( Haikyogakure “Village Hidden in the ruins”). Shinobi and samurai from all villages are chosen and sent here to receive training to be a part of the Alliance. Think of this as the “Men in Black” for the Narutoverse.
3. Some of the shinobi nations have created artificial bijuu, and these bijuu and jinchuuriki may already be walking the world.
4. There are many dark forces still around in this Narutoverse. Just because Akatsuki and Madara are gone, doesn’t mean that everyone likes the alliance or the peace it has brought.
4. More to come later as the manga progresses and as the storyline progresses.

Final Note: Whether you are using the ideas in this wiki for your game, playing in one of mine, or have questions about the information, feel free to speak with me about it and I can elaborate. I have tons more data on paper, it just takes time for it to be uploaded.


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